Setting up drupal media browser button for CKEditor 3.6

Setting up drupal media browser button is very easy to edit  and upload files to the content. Those are  Media, WYSIWYG and CKeditor

Download CKEditor 3.6 useing following link. There is a bug if you use latest version of ckeditor.



Create sites/all/libraries folder in your Drupal site if it doesn’t exist already and extract CKEditor folder there.

Go to /admin/config/content/formats, and drag the “Full HTML” row to be the first row like imge bellow.


According to the above image, click the “configure” link in the Full HTML row to configure propelry use the Media WYSWIYG functionality. Enable the filteres administrator role according to the bellow image and cleck “Save configuration”.





Finally we need to configure the CKEditor profile for Full HTML. Go to /admin/config/content/wysiwyg, select CKEditor from the Dropdown for “Full HTML” (follow the image bellow) fand then click save.



According to the above image click the “Edit” link under the operations and configures the buttons that appear in the WYSWIYG toolbar. Expand the “Buttons and Plugins” section and select “Media Browser**”- as this is the button that allows us to embed Drupal Media from the Drupal Media Library. Add any other buttons to include in the WYSWYIG toolbar, such as Bold, Italic, bullets, etc. finally Click Save.

You are now be able to use drupal Media Library in to the node content. Try to edit any content which you have in your project. Don't forget to chnge text format in to FULL HTML. 

Enjoy editing your content....!!!!