Challenges of the governing of Global Environmental Risk

Undeniably, balance of the nature that we inherited from our ancestors has rapidly changed within the last half century years due to the technological advancement. Therefore, environmental risks are becoming major challenges for the modern world. Some of them are global warming, ozone depletion, forest degradation, water pollution, land degradation, nuclear issues, and over population. Hence, all these issues effect for every aspect of human lives like world economy, agriculture, wild lives around the world;as they depend on each other due to the globalization. So, nowadays people mission is to defend the Earth and its people, animal, plants and the natural cycle to provide a safe world for the future generation.


Background of Environments Risk

It is believe that over the last 50 years population is growing up dramatically in the world today and it’s becoming a huge problem for all environmental matters. When there is a balance of population and the environment there is maintenance of healthy and clean environmental and ecosystem. It will help to maintain the balance of population growth and sharing available natural resources.In this end of 20th century over population is become a big issue because of the scientific advancement leads to live long life.In contrast with advancement of technology people consumed natural resources faster than ever before. Therefore environ mental problem getting more and more attention, hence increasing number of population need more space more houses more industrial more farm products they consumed natural resources very fast, therefore we can say people consumed for estland for urbanization, industrialization and agricultural purposes,which cause trouble for environment and climate change directly. It has directly affected to air pollution, water pollution and all other pollution competition among developing countries and develop countries are doing developing program without suitable protections.


Global warming

According to the observation of scientist global warming is collecting gases around the earth atmosphere like a thick blanket and protects sun heat and cause for planet to be warm. These gases are carbon dioxide; methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon monoxide. These gases mainly emitted from human activities such as burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. On the other hand transportation system and generating electricity also add extra carbon dioxide to the environment. Not only the industrial side but also agriculture practice such as cattle raising causes to increase methane in atmosphere. On the other hand deforestation causes to increase CO2 level in the environment as remain trees are not enough to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air.

Consequently as a result of global warming, people experience change of the weather pattern, flooding, drought and sea level rising around the world. The effects of these environmental risks are important to people who are living under-developed countries and suffering from poverty.This can be clearly seen by analyzing areas such as West Africa, East Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and The Sahel Region. Long term fluctuation of weather pattern extremely effect for the agriculture and become a global risk.

Alternatively due to melting of polar ice cap increasing sea level cause to lose fertile coastal areas and sinking of island such as Bangladesh. According to the BBC news some islands like Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean already been affected by sea level rises and severe flooding. So, its habitats experience with damaging their properties and affecting drinking water. Therefore,islanders have already started to leave the island. Another effect of global warming is spreading diseases as disease carrying insect migrate to warm northern countries. Furthermore, increase in incidence of pests, vector born disease and asthma as plant produce more allergenic pollen because of burning coal and oil.

Most of the countries have taken some action to control pollution. Especially most polluted country like China as they use metal smelters, coal-fired raw material for deep manufacturing the cities are smog bound. Even though they have to keep up with this situation to cope with fast growing economy;disputing the facts of emission tons of carbon, metals, and soot to the atmosphere. But it’s directly affect to the Beijing and Shanghai airports to land air craft and some time shut down because of poor visibility. Transportation is one of the primary contributors to global warming. It is generating more than 30 percent of carbon dioxide and also more than 30 percent of total global warming emissions. Because of this most of the vehicle produce companies are producing environmental friendly vehicles like hybrid to the market. But this attempt also doesn’t successful comparing to last few decades because, buying vehicles percentage is also increasing steadily around the world.